September 16, 2010

Yahoo Store Design & Development

We create Yahoo Store Design which perfectly suits your “Business Concepts”. Get complete Yahoo Store Solution for your eBusiness from “KAUSHALAM”. Kaushalam is a Trusted & Reliable source for all you e-Commerce Solutions.

1. Develop a New Yahoo Store
2. Redesign Your Existing Yahoo Store
3. Yahoo Store Packages
4. Yahoo Store RTML Features

What is Yahoo Store?

Yahoo store is an e-commerce based business solution provided by Yahoo! Inc. Every business needs room to grow. Now day’s business is not limited to only local market and merchants want their products to be marketed and sold worldwide. This business globalization demanded an easy and quick solution that provides trust based services along with shopping cart and customized checkout for trade online.

Yahoo store provides template based environment that easily create a professional web site. Yahoo store aspects secure and reliable service, with an exclusive web address.

What is RTML?

RTML is a proprietary language used by the Yahoo Store software that writes template. Templates are programs that are run when you publish your store to generate the final HTML for your store pages.

Why choose Kaushalam for Yahoo Store Development?
  • Paying attention in Development as per client’s requirement
  • 100 % Dedicated and Devoted Development Team
  • Customized Template Technology
  • Easy to Reach Us
  • Windup project as early as possible with Accuracy
  • Results speaks, We establish Giant!
  • Experience!

September 9, 2010

ASP.NET Web Development

Kaushalam is an expert in ASP.NET Web Development and specialize in develop large web based ASP.NET applications and customize ASP.NET Ecommerce Application which integrates with existing enterprise portals or Intranet software.
Why ASP.NET Web Development?

ASP.NET is a leading web application framework marketed by Microsoft that is used to build dynamic sites, custom CRM applications and eCommerce & inventory management solutions. The main benefits of ASP.NET are rapid web application development, high performance, and rock-solid reliability.

Advantage of ASP.NET web Development with Kaushalam:
  • Experience of working for leading firms of industry, providing them customized solutions.
  • Provides facility to hire ASP.NET website Developer/Programmer according to your requirements.
  • Thorough analysis of client business process and design best system architecture.
  • Follow industry standards for web programming.
  • Dedication of our ASP.NET web developers towards client satisfaction.
  • Respond promptly and flexibly to any modifications or improvements during the course of project.
  • We Understand end user and design most effective, easy to use and browser independent User Interface design, thereby improve client profitability.
  • Provide you personalized shopping experience with our rich ASP.NET Website development.
  • Help you to accelerate your sales and productivity by developing ASP.NET web applications that executes your streamline business process online.
  • Help you to be front runner in your business with our high-performance data warehouse applications in ASP.NET.
  • Reduce resource requirements and operating costs through business processes automation.
  • Deliver cost-effective personalized ASP.NET applications solutions to reduce costs.
  • Provide enhanced security with .net Integrated Security which encapsulates 120 bit encryption and decryption algorithms.
  • Develop reliable applications which are available to your customers every time.

July 28, 2010

Website Design and Development

“KAUSHALAM” endow with effective, stylish & affordable website design and development. We have built a strong reputation as Web Design Company by constantly creating quality web pages & affordable for all level of business.
The Online Face of Your Company:

Your corporate website is your company in many ways. It's your organization's online 'face,' and people all around the world will judge you by it. Do everything you can to make a strong & positive impression.

Kaushalam can help you make the right impression. Our award-winning Creative group and corporate website development team can sculpt the professional & attractive online presence you want.

Browse our portfolio of client websites and decide whether we have the vision & skills to do justice to your brand, your customers, your culture and your business goals.

And if Value is one of your goals, we offer that too. Our design is top tier, but our pricing is not. Contact us and you'll be very pleasantly surprised by how affordable elegance & beauty can be.

Balance in All Things

Our design process always strives to balance the key elements:
  • Professional & Elegant Design
  • Consistent Branding
  • Clear Presentation of Information
  • Easy-to-use Site Navigation
  • Secure Transactions
Behind the on-screen elegance, we also welcome your other important visitors – the Search Engines. With our SEO-friendly design, your new website will attract Google and Yahoo as well as a steady stream of buyers!

Contact Kaushalam and learn more about our CSS-based web design and HTML conversion services for fully compatible business website development.

July 23, 2010

Community Portal Development

We create Yahoo Store Design which perfectly suits your “Business Concepts”. Get complete Yahoo Store Solution for your eBusiness from “KAUSHALAM”. Kaushalam is a Trusted & Reliable source for all you e-Commerce Solutions.

1. Web Portal
2. Community Portal

Web portals deliver information from diverse sources in a very unified way. They can also offer other services to its users, including e-mail, news, eCommerce, entertainment and various other features.

Portals are generally defined as either Horizontal (e.g. Yahoo) or Vertical (e.g.,, depending on their focus and audience. Either way, web portal development is a great way to provide a consistent and branded look & feel across multiple web-based applications.

When a portal is tightly-focused on the activities of a single large organization, it can also be referred to as an Intranet (employees-only) or an Extranet (outreach to the company's customers, suppliers and partners). Social media sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn have created a large demand for community portal development in recent years, with new programming languages like Drupal and Joomla.

Whatever kind of portal your company needs, Kaushalam can help. We're very experienced in web portal design, having built dozens of powerful & secure browser-based applications since 2000. Our web portal developers are committed to error-free, well-documented and user friendly applications that will connect & unify your enterprise and its structured and unstructured data.

June 29, 2010

PHP Ecommerce Web Development

Kaushalam’s PHP Web Development has Process Excellency in endeavoring best business solutions marking your web presence for your desired success. Enhance your ecommerce business with Customized Solution from Kaushalam.

What is PHP?

Aiming a high quality website for your personal business or want to start or develop a concept of social networking communities or just outflow knowledge by creating forums for common people, get all your website solutions developed by Kaushalam’s PHP Web Development Team which comprises of commitment for the quality development, implemented by using development methodology, with the extensive experience in all the various areas of Web Development with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and other related technologies.

PHP Web Development

If you wish an ecommerce store that will be a main-course business for you, then eye-catching Customized Ecommerce is what you want to opt for then please review all ecommerce stores from our portfolio section which speaks up the quality of the ecommerce store development and also read our customer’s reviews that’s shows that not only we say but we act in the way according to what we say.

We just don’t follow PHP Development, but we are equally good at LAMP Development as whole. If you are in need of any Order Management Systems, Store Order Processing Systems, Inventory Reporting Applications which comprise database Driven Applications which needs a robust coding for your online applications then all your search completes at Kaushalam. We have developed expertise in developing and integrating web applications like all the large scale organization’s reporting applications have already developed.

Features of PHP Web Development with Kaushalam

At Kaushalam, we don’t only provide you with your desired Web Solution but all this includes a commitment from all our PHP Developers to help all our clients that there project applications are built up-to the mark that’s built up the bridge for all the future business with Kaushalam. So we not only built web applications development for our clients but we process business that is an added achievement that our PHP Developers have gained till the date along with the technical expertise.

Our developments till the date, our commitment to the clients and experience working in all the major sections of web development have helped us grow enormously. Our main expertise lies in all the following sections:
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • phpBB
  • osCommerce
  • x-cart
  • FaceBook Integration
  • Zen-cart
  • Word press
  • Email Marketing
Our application area or contribution of Kaushalam in PHP Web Development Section includes all the various areas where Web follows. Ranging from creating dynamic web applications, creating completely dynamic website solutions, real estate portal development, online auction portals, intranet enterprise applications, reporting applications, real time inventory management web applications, developing dynamic content management systems, integration of message boards, third party API integration, live chat integration. Get complete PHP Web Solutions for your PHP Web Development requirement.

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