March 27, 2012

About Content, Authority and Local Search impact in SEO

What SEO is? If you have not heard this before, SEO is the process of optimizing your website for search engine to get visible in first page. This is not as simple as it looks. Your website should be unique in all aspects – content, design, navigation etc. There are four things that you are going to learn from this post. SEO, Context, Authority and Local Search – I already explain briefly what SEO is. Content, Authority and Local are next to come respectively.

Website Content Optimization
It’s a universal fact that Content is King. There is a goal for any content you find on the web. It could in the form text, video, images or audio. Google has capabilities to crawl all forms of contents. It has been written a lot on Why Content matters in SEO? People would like to read content that is informative and unique in nature. While writing content for website, make sure the content should be written for human not for search engine only. Then, you can optimize content in a way that it makes sense for human as well. The area of optimization is its title, description for Meta, and primary tags that you are going to target on the topic you have published content for. Get SEO services here.

Website Authority
Now, the authority of a page means you are the owner of so and so page and build an authority on the areas you are serving. For website, it can be achieved through back links pointing to a website which act as online recommendations for the website. Websites with high authority are perceived by the search engines as strong votes confirming the website is worth visiting. For authority, get link building services from here. SEO requires a good understanding of how people search for information and the knowledge about users themselves. Search engines see users through the prism of their location, language, and search history, and they return search results based on user's individual profile. Since every search result depends on user-specific factors, SEO efforts cannot achieve a fixed position for a website.

Local SEO
Local SEO is an aspect of Internet marketing that contains an increasing amount of opportunities. Whether a business is trying to reach a location-specific or language-specific audience, local SEO is a vital marketing strategy. To reach a customer base in a foreign country many businesses choose to translate their website, but often translation alone is not sufficient to reach the maximum possible audience. Local multilingual SEO allows determining the best strategy to position a website based on cultural and linguistic characteristics of the customers in a specific country. To maximize the traffic to the website in the target language, multilingual SEO methods focus on the study of local searches and on building back links from related websites within a target country. Locally focused traffic is more qualified, and more likely to produce unique visitors turning into customers.

March 1, 2012

Tips to optimize a Product Page in Ecommerce Store

For any ecommerce store, a product page is a fundamental part in overall ecommerce website optimization process. It’s hard to build links on each product page as many stores hold thousands of products and have separate page for each. The things possible here is to make some onsite changes to each page so that it will be visible on search engine. Next to this post, you will go through list of 5 areas that are more prominent that we believe it to be optimized first and to see more, let's visit, Kaushalam eCommerce SEO Features. Kaushalam’s built in ecommerce solution has already been designed by keeping all an above essentials.

Overall, guidelines and a process of SEO are not different from one site to another, but here, an e-commerce site has specificity. Some are beneficial while others may be useless. Let's see some mistakes to avoid and actions to optimize the positioning of an online store.
Let’s start with the product page optimization first…

It is common to find online shops on which the content of the pages of details of products is an exact recovery of the photo and text description provided by the manufacturer. It is same for the title of the product as well. It does mean that if you copy the content, and then you have the less chances to show up your pages in the first 10 results of Google. There is a possibility that your competitors will copy the things you copied as well, and in this circumstance, why it will not be going to show up in Google because of duplicate title and Meta of the product pages.

To overcome this problem, writing a unique title and a single description is almost vital. To go further and play it safe, you can even create a second description will only be sent to the shopping engines.

What is being containing in your item page? Like, each detail of an item should be mentioned in a way that allows users to find out the criteria for which they come to this page and call them to place an order at the end.
An effective ecommerce solution is to write an introduction, optimized for each page of topics. It then offers Google a real textual content optimized with whom Google will love and your page will be favored in comparison with those of your competitors. Beware, if the pages in your ecommerce website contain sections pagination, only display the text content on the first page, to avoid the risk of duplicate content.

It is amazing that people can communicate with Google as a person. They ask questions to Google, like a friend. However, Google is a big beta, when you ask a question; it seeks the issue in the pages it has indexed, not the answer.

Therefore, by designing FAQ, you can position yourself on these issues and gain the corresponding traffic.

Setting up a blog for your ecommerce website is actually very profitable. The blog makes it very easy to position hundreds of requests for strategic activity of the shop.
However, it will not be too intelligent "buggers" in terms of commercial items. The blog will be better received if it provides advice or information about the universe rather than always trying to sell something.

If you have notices in all above tips, it is an editorial content, which is not optimized, to make it optimized, it require having some foundation of keyword phrases based on the content.
Of course, this content will benefit from net linking to give the best of them.

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