October 16, 2012

Software Application Development: General Advice on Planning a Program

Software Application DevelopmentThe process of software application development and website has undergone over the years of radical changes. Progress, computerization and automation of trades and industries have increased significantly the development process to make it more complex, involving architects, analysts, programmers, testers, ergonomists, etc.

Customized Applications are now able to provide more advanced results, interact with other sources of information, analysis and return results based on specific requests, etc.

Avoid obstacles: For a successful project application development or custom software development it is important to avoid the most common problems through understanding the three stages that contains the highest risk and could lead to project failure.
Custom Software Development
Definition of project objectives
Undertake development project or application software, is to know what are the needs and expectations. What exactly must the application or software? Articulate objectives are a start of a successful development project. It is important that the specification is drafted carefully validated by stakeholders and contains all the elements necessary for the success of the project

Project planning and estimation
A thorough knowledge of the functions required of end users of the product will determine the characteristics of the features. It is also important to define from the outset the intended deployment, and interfaces and compatible systems.

Develop and estimate a realistic budget and schedule (and in agreement with the objectives and set up) will ensure that the development is consistent with the various elements and contributes to the success of the project.

The methodology followed by the project manager

Software Development ProcessThe importance of the role of project manager in the software development process can not be underestimated. The goal will be difficult to achieve without the right leadership to coordinate the many aspects of the project. The project manager oversees the process, anticipate obstacles and ensure that things go in the right direction.
Due to the complex nature of software projects and the technology, the development of new software requires a systematic approach. Careful planning and process steps are the basis for implementation of a software project effectively.

It is essential to put in place a process that includes proven guidelines to ensure the delivery of outcomes. Phases of a software development project should include:
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Execution
  • Test
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Measuring and monitoring progress
  • Up-gradation
It is important to choose the company or partner for the development of its application. The project analysis, documentation, planning, testing and maintenance of the project will help to ensure its success. The website development is a continuous process application, it is important to employ professionals who are at the forefront of technology and have a good logical analysis and understanding of the issues and can assist you throughout the cycle of deployment and project development that can last several years depending on the case.

September 24, 2012

Time to Hire Software and Mobile Application Developer

Have you ever visualized a computer without operating system or software, a mobile without OS or an application? Absolutely, no one has. I am talking about the field of Software Development. Since the first software was developed, we found vast changes in the technology of its development. Every day, there are thousands of desktop, web and mobile applications developed but only least numbers of applications become popular. 

The reason why it does not become so popular is that its quality and the numbers of features they are offering. It is required having good skill of a programming language like asp.net, PHP, Java, etc. to build an application. Development of custom application according to the requirement of users and the sources of its executions like desktop applications for windows, web applications for running website or mobile application for iPhone, Android or Blackberry have its own importance in the top level countries.

Every software company like Kaushalam strives to affirm a close relationship with its clients by offering customized software solutions to their miscellaneous requirements. Consequently, the role of custom application development has risen in recent times. During a time when business organizations are making all sorts of struggles to get to be the industry leaders, a stereotypic outcome with the same antique functionalities may decrease their prospects.

A pleasant offshore automation and software application development company first examines your business and its prerequisites, challenges, etc. then. It forms an apt roadmap to support you achieve your business objectives. 

If you seem you have some stipulations or any other specification in terms of utilizing a precise resource or technology, then you can be able to impress your client hired application development services from you to be aware of the same so that it does not ignore that direction while building custom applications.

By appealing in offshore software development, a company can limit its production costs to a great size without negotiating on quality. Money drained on taxes is also reserved. Many business houses in developing countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia do offshore development for big scale companies in the developed countries. One instance is, there are numerous offshore software development services and companies in countries like India. Such corporations allow for qualitative and reasonably priced software and web solutions.

August 17, 2012

Amazon Webstore Development a Way Ahead

This is a webstore designed and developed by Kaushalam using Amazon Webstore platform. They have standardized process that help your existing store to be easily converted into the new store managed by Amazon.

Kaushalam.com is certified Amazon Webstore developer - [Implementation Solution Providers]
 Repin following Amazon webstore or the creation of Kaushalam:
Solis is a prominent online business that sells men’s style products including designer menswear, casuals, and streetwear.

July 2, 2012

Timeline of iPhone: Introduction to Leading Smartphone and Mobile Applications

iPhone Apps DeveloperiPhone – Apples’ product, no doubt was a revolutionary mobile device of this century. Today, the wireless device with a touch screen and elegant, was the fascination of people. It is visually pleasing with 3.5 inch touch screen for users with a digital camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels. Smooth the effects of the touch screen, the best appearance, excellent sound quality as that of an iPod, Internet browsing - features, all in one - are the reasons for its immense popularity. Users of laptops were so fascinated by this device that the day of its launch, the visitors stayed overnight outside stores - the night before.

The first iPhone was launched on June 29, 2007 in the United States. In the first hours of its launch 270,000 units were sold. This clearly shows the popularity, demand and response of iPhone worldwide. More than 6 million units were sold during its introduction to other parts of the world. Perhaps, Apple knew that this product will break all records of device in the history of mobile phones. Apple sold over 21 million iPhone till date.

Soon after the iPhone was fascinated increasingly strong in people, Apple has announced its next version, Apple iPhone 3G, with GPS support and faster access 3G. In addition, Apple has developed a software development kit allows developers to move their applications on the Apple site for legal downloading by users. Developers must pay a fee. They can fix the cost of the application which they can retain 70% share and Apple Inc. gets 30%.

Seeing the initial gains of iPhone application development, developers have started to mobile application development for more users, more applications which has increased a demand of  iPhone applications. 

Hire Mobile Application DeveloperEarning potential was actually pretty huge. Apple reported sales of iPhone applications are 2 million every day in the first month and one billion nine months later. Sales increase is therefore expected with the launch of the new operating system. Program designers have made millions by creating interesting, useful, innovative applications and sell them by the Apple App Store.

iPhone, a mobile phone being much publicized Apple saw the success that no other mobile has been known for years.

Just imagine if the Android wasn’t available? This is the only competitor that has an ability to develop mobile applications of next level. If you are in a search of Mobile Application developer, you can hire mobile application developer right now.

May 22, 2012

Why Business need Custom Software?

When you start a business is almost at smaller level, no more resources to manage and you alone can mange all aspects of your business requirements, but what if it grows? Can you handle all business activities? Today, a software or application can easily manage all the activities that human can do. This will create an importance of Custom Software for business.

Custom Software Developer
As a business owner you have to continually assess how to better control your business in a more cost effective way, one of the best ways to do this it by using software to automate tasks.

There are many examples of this in business, for example with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) package to handle your consumers. This saves you time and money by tracking your customers in a database system more willingly than on sticky notes or notepads. It makes you money by serving you identify with which clients you should be selling to.

Here are some universal uses for software in a small to large business locale:
  • CRM Systems
  • ERP Solution
  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Project management tools
  • Accounting packages
Kaushalam can customize software for:
  • Small Business Solutions
  • Commercial Software
  • Software Migration
  • Software Quality Assurance
Many organizations create software applications intended particularly for your needs and sell them as pre software application solutions. These packaged software applications are immense for what they are built for, but what if you need software for a more particular purpose or for a little that is precise to your business?

Options are that you take a lot of time to explore what your business does on a daily basis. It’s only innate since you are in the focal point of it all day extended. Take the time to find out what actions could be better done by a computer, or which things could be improved by software to make better.

These objects are major candidates for a custom software application. A custom software application is deliberate and built in the order of a specific need for your company. The aim is to resolve this need and help the process of your business, thus dropping your costs or serving you build more money.

A good example is with inventory management, tracking and monitoring. Do you want to have to check your aisles and bins to see if things are in store for a customer or would you rather click a button and have the computer tell you? You could use the inventory management features of QuickBooks but what if it doesn’t fit well with how you store and manage your inventory? If your business doesn’t fit accurately into their version of inventory management then you are having difficulties. A custom software application can be built to keep you from having to walk down those aisles all day long and will work tailor fit to your business.

Custom software portfolio need to be looked at on your own to find out whether they will save you sufficient money eventually to meet the expense of the cost of development. If they do, then it’s an easy business choice to make.

Kaushalam specializes in developing custom software for small and medium sized businesses around the globe. For more information visit, http://www.kaushalam.com/

April 10, 2012

Addiction to Mobile Apps and Mobile Marketing

Mobile Application Developement
I am so exciting to the writing a post on Mobile Marketing, as it’s my favorite subject and I love exploring some exciting and new mobile apps including the Games like Angry Bird. Both, mobile apps developer and mobile marketing professionals have their own importance in concern with the Mobile.

Those who have addicted to Mobile like me would come and visit this blog to find news, tools, and tips that are more exciting and have impact on Mobile phone environment.

The Mobile phone environment is completely changing over time since the first mobile phone introduced. Today, it hasn’t just become the platform for communication but it offers multiple opportunities and benefits to people as well as the small to large business enterprises.

Many of you have shopped over an internet through online ecommerce store. Now, it is possible to do shopping over mobile phone. Having an accessibility of high-speed internet connection via 3G and other web services into your mobile, someone can easily search queries from Google, surf the internet and website, access their social media presence on facebook, twitter, and also go for shopping and make payment directly from their devices.

Take a look at an exciting infographics on Mobile Marketing by Hubspot,

Infogrpahics on Mobile Marketing by Hubspot

Depending on the mobile devices (iPhone, Android based, Blackberry etc.) you are using, you can download exciting mobile apps from Apple and Android store and access mobile friendly websites directly into your mobile, whether you are online or offline. This is not an end. The real game will start now, which is required to put more and more efforts on the area of Marketing, Advertising and Optimizing.

The boom in prevailing online marketing is the success of internet marketing strategy but the same strategy couldn’t be applied to the Mobile Marketing. If you are running an online store, you should have a mobile application or website for your store. In addition, you can optimize this mobile apps or mobile friendly website to be visible in mobile friendly search engines like Google and many more.

Mobile Marketing should now be the part of your existing marketing strategy. It is not a difficult to learn, as there is lots of information available over the internet for MCommerce and Mobile SEO.

Get on this blog if you really do not want to waste time over the internet to search.

To get more insight into the Mobile Marketing, Mcommerce and Mobile SEO – let’s subscribe our blog via RSS or Email.

March 27, 2012

About Content, Authority and Local Search impact in SEO

What SEO is? If you have not heard this before, SEO is the process of optimizing your website for search engine to get visible in first page. This is not as simple as it looks. Your website should be unique in all aspects – content, design, navigation etc. There are four things that you are going to learn from this post. SEO, Context, Authority and Local Search – I already explain briefly what SEO is. Content, Authority and Local are next to come respectively.

Website Content Optimization
It’s a universal fact that Content is King. There is a goal for any content you find on the web. It could in the form text, video, images or audio. Google has capabilities to crawl all forms of contents. It has been written a lot on Why Content matters in SEO? People would like to read content that is informative and unique in nature. While writing content for website, make sure the content should be written for human not for search engine only. Then, you can optimize content in a way that it makes sense for human as well. The area of optimization is its title, description for Meta, and primary tags that you are going to target on the topic you have published content for. Get SEO services here.

Website Authority
Now, the authority of a page means you are the owner of so and so page and build an authority on the areas you are serving. For website, it can be achieved through back links pointing to a website which act as online recommendations for the website. Websites with high authority are perceived by the search engines as strong votes confirming the website is worth visiting. For authority, get link building services from here. SEO requires a good understanding of how people search for information and the knowledge about users themselves. Search engines see users through the prism of their location, language, and search history, and they return search results based on user's individual profile. Since every search result depends on user-specific factors, SEO efforts cannot achieve a fixed position for a website.

Local SEO
Local SEO is an aspect of Internet marketing that contains an increasing amount of opportunities. Whether a business is trying to reach a location-specific or language-specific audience, local SEO is a vital marketing strategy. To reach a customer base in a foreign country many businesses choose to translate their website, but often translation alone is not sufficient to reach the maximum possible audience. Local multilingual SEO allows determining the best strategy to position a website based on cultural and linguistic characteristics of the customers in a specific country. To maximize the traffic to the website in the target language, multilingual SEO methods focus on the study of local searches and on building back links from related websites within a target country. Locally focused traffic is more qualified, and more likely to produce unique visitors turning into customers.

March 1, 2012

Tips to optimize a Product Page in Ecommerce Store

For any ecommerce store, a product page is a fundamental part in overall ecommerce website optimization process. It’s hard to build links on each product page as many stores hold thousands of products and have separate page for each. The things possible here is to make some onsite changes to each page so that it will be visible on search engine. Next to this post, you will go through list of 5 areas that are more prominent that we believe it to be optimized first and to see more, let's visit, Kaushalam eCommerce SEO Features. Kaushalam’s built in ecommerce solution has already been designed by keeping all an above essentials.

Overall, guidelines and a process of SEO are not different from one site to another, but here, an e-commerce site has specificity. Some are beneficial while others may be useless. Let's see some mistakes to avoid and actions to optimize the positioning of an online store.
Let’s start with the product page optimization first…

It is common to find online shops on which the content of the pages of details of products is an exact recovery of the photo and text description provided by the manufacturer. It is same for the title of the product as well. It does mean that if you copy the content, and then you have the less chances to show up your pages in the first 10 results of Google. There is a possibility that your competitors will copy the things you copied as well, and in this circumstance, why it will not be going to show up in Google because of duplicate title and Meta of the product pages.

To overcome this problem, writing a unique title and a single description is almost vital. To go further and play it safe, you can even create a second description will only be sent to the shopping engines.

What is being containing in your item page? Like, each detail of an item should be mentioned in a way that allows users to find out the criteria for which they come to this page and call them to place an order at the end.
An effective ecommerce solution is to write an introduction, optimized for each page of topics. It then offers Google a real textual content optimized with whom Google will love and your page will be favored in comparison with those of your competitors. Beware, if the pages in your ecommerce website contain sections pagination, only display the text content on the first page, to avoid the risk of duplicate content.

It is amazing that people can communicate with Google as a person. They ask questions to Google, like a friend. However, Google is a big beta, when you ask a question; it seeks the issue in the pages it has indexed, not the answer.

Therefore, by designing FAQ, you can position yourself on these issues and gain the corresponding traffic.

Setting up a blog for your ecommerce website is actually very profitable. The blog makes it very easy to position hundreds of requests for strategic activity of the shop.
However, it will not be too intelligent "buggers" in terms of commercial items. The blog will be better received if it provides advice or information about the universe rather than always trying to sell something.

If you have notices in all above tips, it is an editorial content, which is not optimized, to make it optimized, it require having some foundation of keyword phrases based on the content.
Of course, this content will benefit from net linking to give the best of them.

February 22, 2012

Mobile Marketing - One more Internet Marketing Tool

This year will be for mobile as many internet marketing experts have already predicted over the Internet. The current growth in the use of internet over mobile devices will encourage people to do shopping and other related activities via mobile phones, mobile friendly websites and some exciting mobile apps. If this growth will continue, then it will create a more demand of mobile apps developers and mobile marketing experts in near future. High-speed internet connectivity, easy to carry devices and advanced features are three main reasons of migrating people from their computer to mobile. This is just the beginning of mobile marketing for small business, so there will more to come to decrease the popularity of existing use of computer for internet marketing.

What do you think? Is Mobile Marketing a new way of Marketing or it is the new branch of Internet Marketing using SEO and others? The answer is simple and interesting, if any mobile phone users will be connected to the web via GPRS, 3G or any other internet services on their mobile, then user will most probably prefer to visit the website on their mobile for finding out the best deals on the product they are searching for. This is called, Mobile Internet Marketing. While, on the other hand, if a user is offline, the mobile network is the only way of getting such offers, deals, etc. via SMS, MMS, email, etc., it is called Mobile Marketing.

If you concern over technology and marketing, once you have ever heard about the Mobile Marketing. It is the way of engaging the customers and the opportunities on the mobile phone devices. The following is the tools of Mobile Marketing,
  • SMS - Short text Messaging Services
  • MMS - Multimedia Messaging Services
  • Mobile Applications
  • WAP Sites / Mobile Websites
Smartphone as iPhone allows its user to access the internet over the phone, which is the new trend of searching website via Mobile Internet and around 20% of searched originated and dominated by the Google. Internet Marketing Services providers are now taking over their business to Mobile Internet Marketing.

The big advantage of Mobile Internet Marketing is the SMS services. It is faster than the Email, as the mobile phone users immediately check and response the messages while email takes time, may be a day after someone check their mails, and sometimes it goes to the spam folder and never be seen.

That's all.

February 7, 2012

Importance of Local Mobile Application Development

The local mobile application development is one of the available sources to advertisers to distribute their content via Smartphone and digital tablets using mobile apps for iPhone, Android, mobile friendly websites, etc.
  • What is a local application and what are the key statistics of the market?
  • What are the benefits of an advertiser's point of view?
  • How to develop and what costs does it take?
What is a local mobile application and what are the key figures of the market?
A local application or mobile application (or Apps) is an application designed particularly for one platform (a type of mobile OS) with Software Development Kit (SDK). A mobile application developed using this specific language will be offered only on the online store associated with the SDK. You cannot see or install an iPhone apps on a BlackBerry, and vice versa.


On July 10, 2008, Apple launched an Apps Store in conjunction with the IOS 2.0. Since there are over 500,000 iphone applications available for their devices like the iPhone and the iPad, with an average of 75 apps downloaded per user. In 2011, the App Store passed the 15 billion downloaded applications. On the other hand, Google with its Android Apps Market crossed the milestone of 10 billion downloaded.

What are the interests of an advertiser point of view to offer a mobile application?
In 2011, according to a study released by research firm Flurry, for the first time in the United States, the time of Internet users to use applications on PDAs and tablet. The mobile users spend an average 81 minutes per day on mobile apps as compare to 74 minutes browsing from computers. It is also clear from this study that the number of daily sessions per user gains, but that they are shorter than before on the web.

Both, developing Mobile Apps for Small Business and Creating Content for Mcommerce Sites are huge in demand.

How to develop a local mobile application and what costs does it take?
The iPhone has long been the priority of mobile application developers. With the rise of competition, including leading global android now, it comes to being vital to target multiple systems.

Before developing a mobile application, you must explain the functions we make attainable to users. This will determine the cost of development. It is of course likely to combine various functions into one application.

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