February 7, 2012

Importance of Local Mobile Application Development

The local mobile application development is one of the available sources to advertisers to distribute their content via Smartphone and digital tablets using mobile apps for iPhone, Android, mobile friendly websites, etc.
  • What is a local application and what are the key statistics of the market?
  • What are the benefits of an advertiser's point of view?
  • How to develop and what costs does it take?
What is a local mobile application and what are the key figures of the market?
A local application or mobile application (or Apps) is an application designed particularly for one platform (a type of mobile OS) with Software Development Kit (SDK). A mobile application developed using this specific language will be offered only on the online store associated with the SDK. You cannot see or install an iPhone apps on a BlackBerry, and vice versa.


On July 10, 2008, Apple launched an Apps Store in conjunction with the IOS 2.0. Since there are over 500,000 iphone applications available for their devices like the iPhone and the iPad, with an average of 75 apps downloaded per user. In 2011, the App Store passed the 15 billion downloaded applications. On the other hand, Google with its Android Apps Market crossed the milestone of 10 billion downloaded.

What are the interests of an advertiser point of view to offer a mobile application?
In 2011, according to a study released by research firm Flurry, for the first time in the United States, the time of Internet users to use applications on PDAs and tablet. The mobile users spend an average 81 minutes per day on mobile apps as compare to 74 minutes browsing from computers. It is also clear from this study that the number of daily sessions per user gains, but that they are shorter than before on the web.

Both, developing Mobile Apps for Small Business and Creating Content for Mcommerce Sites are huge in demand.

How to develop a local mobile application and what costs does it take?
The iPhone has long been the priority of mobile application developers. With the rise of competition, including leading global android now, it comes to being vital to target multiple systems.

Before developing a mobile application, you must explain the functions we make attainable to users. This will determine the cost of development. It is of course likely to combine various functions into one application.


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The iphone application has been accepted by the public in such a way that app increases in tremendous amount of number and with the release of new models and new platforms version gives drastic increase in the number of app.

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