April 10, 2012

Addiction to Mobile Apps and Mobile Marketing

Mobile Application Developement
I am so exciting to the writing a post on Mobile Marketing, as it’s my favorite subject and I love exploring some exciting and new mobile apps including the Games like Angry Bird. Both, mobile apps developer and mobile marketing professionals have their own importance in concern with the Mobile.

Those who have addicted to Mobile like me would come and visit this blog to find news, tools, and tips that are more exciting and have impact on Mobile phone environment.

The Mobile phone environment is completely changing over time since the first mobile phone introduced. Today, it hasn’t just become the platform for communication but it offers multiple opportunities and benefits to people as well as the small to large business enterprises.

Many of you have shopped over an internet through online ecommerce store. Now, it is possible to do shopping over mobile phone. Having an accessibility of high-speed internet connection via 3G and other web services into your mobile, someone can easily search queries from Google, surf the internet and website, access their social media presence on facebook, twitter, and also go for shopping and make payment directly from their devices.

Take a look at an exciting infographics on Mobile Marketing by Hubspot,

Infogrpahics on Mobile Marketing by Hubspot

Depending on the mobile devices (iPhone, Android based, Blackberry etc.) you are using, you can download exciting mobile apps from Apple and Android store and access mobile friendly websites directly into your mobile, whether you are online or offline. This is not an end. The real game will start now, which is required to put more and more efforts on the area of Marketing, Advertising and Optimizing.

The boom in prevailing online marketing is the success of internet marketing strategy but the same strategy couldn’t be applied to the Mobile Marketing. If you are running an online store, you should have a mobile application or website for your store. In addition, you can optimize this mobile apps or mobile friendly website to be visible in mobile friendly search engines like Google and many more.

Mobile Marketing should now be the part of your existing marketing strategy. It is not a difficult to learn, as there is lots of information available over the internet for MCommerce and Mobile SEO.

Get on this blog if you really do not want to waste time over the internet to search.

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