June 24, 2014

Use Videos to Sharpen your Marketing Strategy

Video blogging or simply videos are the latest marketing fad, and the reason behind it is very simple – customers engage with videos better than text and images. Put simply, a video will attract 10 times more traffic than a simple text. So of course you should use videos to promote and brand your store and products. Still want to know what you stand to gain through videos? Have a look below.

Video Marketing Strategy
Enhanced look
When you embed videos on your website or online store, you are enhancing the look and feel of your website. Customers will experience a unique shopping experience, turning them into your regular customers.

Informative videos are great for imparting knowledge to your customers. Create videos of your products, highlighting their benefits, features and functionalities. This will give your customers an idea about how your products can be beneficial to them. Grabbing their attention for higher conversion ratio would be a bonus.

Customer engagement
As we said above, when it comes to customer engagement, nothing can beat videos. Be it products’ demo or simple tutorials, videos attract users as honey attract flies. To improve your customer engagement ratio, you can also utilize user-generated videos to showcase your happy and satisfied customers. Additionally, this will create a sense of authenticity and trust among the users.

Social Media
Social networking platforms such as Pinterest allows users to pin images and videos of their choice and share them – opening up a powerful venue for you to promote your brand, products and services. Encourage your satisfied users to share videos on these platforms among their friends.

SEO Rankings
If you have noticed, Google has started giving lot of importance to videos. Whenever you perform a search, you will see more of video results. So we can safely conclude that your video will definitely gain higher ranking on SERP than your text-based or image-based web page.

Do you want to promote videos of your products? You can easily do so by creating a dedicated YouTube channel for your products and use the feed in your online store. If you are looking for a customized video showcase, you will need to create your own video streaming solution.

If you have products or a brand that deserve marketing on YouTube, just contact us, and we can take it from there.


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