April 11, 2014

Top 10 Features For eCommerce Websites

Although mobile websites and apps are gaining popularity, eCommerce websites are still in vogue. Focusing on an effective website would be definitely beneficial for any business in the long run. Following are the Top Ten eCommerce Features that any eCommerce website should have to reach and engage its target audience.

1.Branding: Have your logo and tag line in the front and center. The features and content of the website should revolve around the logo, making visitors aware of your brand and business.

2.Focus: Clutter free websites are always attractive and soothing on eyes. Update only relevant and helpful information and sections on the website. Too much of fluff is not very amusing or entertaining for visitors.

3.Attractive images: This is the age of clarity and transparency, specially when it comes to eCommerce websites. You need to have multiple images for all your products. Also, make sure those images are of high resolution for better visitors' interest.

4.Videos: The latest fad is to have demo videos of the products. If you can't mange to have a demo video, upload videos of user guides and videos about your customer reviews.

5.Easy search: User-friendliness is key to success. Let your customers easily find the products they are looking for through simple and effective search options. Having a huge search bar at the top of all the pages is a good idea. You can also keep a button for advanced search along with the regular search option.

6.Easy login and checkout: Garner customers' loyalty by giving them easy access to their accounts. Make the checkout process quick and painless. Also, reassure the customers about the security of their personal and financial data.

7.Free offers: Customers love free stuff. Always have something free for your customers. It could be free gift, shipping or something similar.

8.Clearance section: Do away with your old products or clear the overflowing stock by having a separate clearance section. You can also offer cheaper alternatives in this section, drawing a wider section of audience.

9.Information: Customers like to make informed decisions. Have a news section, broadcasting the latest happenings of your industry.

10.Personal touch: Customers love to feel human connection even if they are buying online. Put up your team's information in a friendly manner, encouraging your visitors to connect with them.

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