April 26, 2014

5 Factors To Consider While Hiring An eCommerce Developer

5 Factors To Consider While Hiring An eCommerce Developer
Hiring a Professional eCommerce Developer
A lot has to be taken care of while developing an eCommerce site, and due to this very reason, eCommerce merchants usually prefer to hire a professional developer even when they have little bit of technical knowledge. Hiring a professional developer, however, doesn't guarantee that everything will be hunky-dory, especially when a relatively inexperienced developer is hired. If you wish to make the development process of the website simple and quick, you need to consider following five factors while hiring the developer.

The first and the foremost factor to consider is developers’ experience. While discussing the idea of eCommerce sites, they usually tend to spout technical jargon. You need to cut through that and look at the hard facts. Ask them for the examples. Look at the websites created by them. Scrutinize the designs they have used, features they have embedded in the websites and the applications that are implemented to offer superior user experience. If the given examples do not match with what you are expecting, ask them to show the example of what they can do. This will give you a fair idea of what the developers can do for you and if that’s enough for you.

eCommerce Platform:
Before you proceed with the development, you definitely need to know which eCommerce platform the developers are going to use. But before you ask this question, you will need to conduct your own research. So look at the various eCommerce platforms and solutions that are available in the market; what exactly they bring to the table and how much they can contribute toward your business success. Apart from the paid software and solutions that offer hi-tech features, ecommerce platforms such as e-Smart eCommerce Suite, Magento and PrestaShop are quite handy because they offer convenience yet are free for use. 

Special features:
Although you will require bit of technical knowledge for looking into this aspect, it’s definitely worth the research time. Ask the developers what special features they will embed in the website, ask whether the theme will be the existing one or a new, custom one built from the scratch. Consider the amount of time they will need to create such features an
d embed them. Compare this estimate with the open-source eCommerce platforms that offer various innovative features at nominal prices.

Mobile website is as important as a desktop website, if not more. You need to make sure that your eCommerce site is easily accessible for mobile users as well as is user-friendly enough to engage them. You can opt for responsive eCommerce site that will allow you to offer unique shopping experience to all the users irrespective of the gadgets they are using.

Managing website:
Building a website is a one-time effort; however, managing it is a continuous process. The photos, videos, content, product details and banners need to be constantly updated. So make sure the developers understand this and they create a website that you can handle it on your own. Also, ask them how they are keeping your website’s backup as well as get access to all accounts, passwords and codes associated with your site.


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