May 8, 2014

4 Tips To Improve eCommerce Brand

Tips To Improve eCommerce BrandWhen you are selling online, it’s quite important to create a strong brand. A brand that will stand out among thousands of products and services; a brand that differentiates itself from your competitors. 

Brand strengthening can be done through social media comments, customer reviews, videos and content syndication. 

Let’s discuss them further.

1. Social media comments
Social networking platforms aren't just for socializing; they are great for connecting with the customers too. When you engage and discuss with customers, you are doing free advertising of your business as well as growing your brand online at the same time. Be proactive and post more than just one-line sentences about your products. Use social networking platforms to tell stories, ask questions, sharing news related to your products and initiating discussions about your products. Also, when you get comments, respond to them – thank customers for positive comments and try to resolve customer’s query for negative comments. Once you solve their problems, those customers will get converted into loyal customers, always ready to buy from you.

2. Customer reviews
When customers are unhappy, they are going to review your product negatively – if not at your website then somewhere else. Why not convert the unhappy customer into a happy one? Actively ask for their reviews and feedback. When those are positive, it’s a great way to attract new customers; and when those are negative, you can work with the customers to change their opinion. However, do remember not to spam your customers’ email box with repeated requests. One email asking them to post what they thought of your product is a good idea. Also, when you respond to reviews, you are building a positive image for your brand.

3. Videos
Videos are great for giving a product demo for potential customers. And they have the ability to go viral, presenting your brand to millions of people. Apart from showcasing your products, you can use videos to tell your story or use various techniques to engage people in your brand and draw them to your store. You can even make a funny tutorial to make your brand lively.

4. Content syndication
In simple terms, content syndication means the content – including text, video and audio – that’s created by you is made available at other sites for use.  When you syndicate the content, you are allowing customers to access the information about your products that you want them to have, instead of information created by the secondary company. Syndication is the best way to offer accurate and consistent information to your customers.

Now, all you need to do is to make sure that all the functionality or eCommerce branding features as mentioned above should be implemented and customized in your eCommerce website properly as a part of your branding and marketing.


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