May 20, 2014

Why to Do Business with Amazon

Amazon Webstore is not only popular in the U.S.A. but it’s also gaining recognition as a powerful eCommerce platform throughout the world. With strong infrastructure and user-friendly features, Amazon is growing leaps and bounds. Have you ever wondered why eCommerce merchants love Amazon?

Consider the following features:
Why to Do Business with Amazon

Infrastructure: Amazon offers highly reliable technological infrastructure that reassures customers and merchants alike for timely and accurate payments. The checkout process is secured with the latest firewalls and anti-hacking programs to protect your information. It employs risk management techniques to reduce your bad debt. Apart from payment, Amazon offers logistics and fulfillment support too to its sellers.

Templates and layouts: At Amazon, you can find several thematically organized and arranged design templates and layouts. You just need to select the one that’s appropriate for your business and customize it. You can even personalize your entire store to give it a unique feel and look.

Costs: To set up a store on Amazon, you require quite a small pool capital. Apart from charging monthly fees, Amazon charges a small percentage of commission when you sell the product.

Products: Listing products on Amazon is quite easy. It just takes few minutes to do so. Also, you can list unlimited number of items on Amazon Webstore.

Marketing: Apart from helping you list your products, Amazon helps you sell your products with highly search engine optimized website. With Amazon, you can optimize the keywords as well as images of the products. You can even use marketing strategies like product recommendations, customer reviews and recently viewed items on web store.

Multiple store: You can even create multiple stores on Amazon if you are targeting two different segment of audience. For each store, you can have customized looks, features and shopping cart. What’s more, you can even integrated the dashboard of both the stores for easy management.

User experience: To offer the best user experience, Amazon lets customers use the same account, shipping addresses and billing methods on other sites that empowers.
If we conclude that Amazon Webstore is indeed an amazing platform to big boost to your eCommerce business, we wouldn’t be wrong. So go on and set up your shop on Amazon.


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