August 27, 2014

How To Be A Retail Giant In The World Like Amazon

Believe it or not, Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. In 2013, Amazon's online retail sales recorded a whopping $67.9 billion, more than the next 9 largest e-retailers combined.

Amazon - A Retail GiantThrough this post, we make sure our clients know how an Amazon Webstore, the eCommerce platform of Amazon can reap huge benefits by giving an amazing online shopping experience to their customers.

What makes Amazon Webstore a success, while others are forced to bite the bullet. 

1. Personalized Services:

Personalized Services
As per a research from Infosys, one-third of the consumers expect personalized shopping experience. And Amazon rocks at the personalization front. Their on-site recommendations are not only colossal but they are interesting enough. 

2. Easy Checkout:

Easy CheckoutWhile slow shopping carts kill conversions, on the other hand, speedy carts attract buyers. Speed is where Amazon scores. An ideal shopping cart completes the purchase in 2 or 3 clicks. And Amazon does it well.

Plus, it saves your previous carts, in case you want to come back to it later. It also gives notification about price changes at checkout. Also, credit card purchases with Amazon is easy than other sites.      

3. Product ratings and reviews:

Research shows that two-thirds of shoppers are interested in your product only if you have product ratings and reviews. Since Amazon has both, making it world's first choice for online shopping.

In fact, most of the products have hundreds of reviews, for instance Kindle Paper white has no less than thousand reviews.  If more and more customers are rating a product highly, then it simply means the product is worth consideration. Amazon displays both favorable and critical reviews, thereby building trust among buyers.

4. Product Images, Videos and Descriptions:

Product Images, Videos and DescriptionsLarge product images boost conversions. It fires buyers’ imagination. Though Amazon so far hasn't succeeded in doing this every time, but whenever it does the results are outstanding. One can even add video about the product, enabling buyers to get a 360 degree view of products.

The other remarkable thing about Amazon is you will find all the information on a particular product on a single page – be it colors, variations, new, used etc. 

5. Up-selling and Cross-selling:

Up-selling and Cross-sellingUp-selling and cross-selling is Amazon's strength. It encourages customers to buy more of similar products by informing them about the customers who looked at the same products, as you are doing right now, but eventually bought something different.   

6. Easy Filtering, Navigation and Search:

Navigation and search are the two important pillars of  eCommerce Optimization, and no one knows it better than Amazon. Given the number of products available for sale on Amazon, anyone should feel overwhelmed, but one doesn't given its excellent filters.
Easy Filtering, Navigation, and Search

Plus, if you are searching for a certain product, it guides not just by price and star rating but by operating system, brand and more. It’s gives you a sense of satisfaction that you are finding the right product that meets your needs.

Besides these, Amazon has eCommerce conversion optimization funnel.  It helps visitor track interesting products they want to buy. This is why eCommerce is there for, after all.  Follow this implacable strategies to be a retail giant like Amazon going forward. 


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