August 20, 2014

How to Make Non-shoppers Shop With eCommerce

Nowadays businesses have classified shoppers into four different categories : the bargain hunter, the researcher, the impulse shopper and the loyal shopper. But then, there's one more important category that businesses tend to ignore. Yes, the non-shopper. These shoppers are said to be low on patience and they tend to dislike shopping anywhere and anytime. They hate digging through the sales rack to find that perfect shirt or pair of pants. 
Shop With eCommerce
For such shoppers, there are online subscription retailers like Fancy, Trunk Club and Mantry. These retailers attract the non-shoppers through their monthly subscription programmes. This is how they work: A non-shopper pays a certain amount every month to an online subscription retailer. The retailer on receiving the subscription amount chooses an assortment of products based on customer's profile, and sends it directly to his or her office or house. The non-shopper picks and chooses what's best for him within the given budget. 
Such innovative services not only saves customer time but the best part is that non-shoppers get what they want. But to achieve this level of efficiency, the online companies require a robust and capable eCommerce platform that's able to capture and leverage customer records to offer the best tailored shopping experience. 
Here’s how they do it.

Solid Customer Profile: 
This is a prerequisite that every online subscription retailer should consider. There's a huge responsibility on retailer's shoulder to built trust with customers and gather data about their likes and dislikes. 
Order Management:
Match customer profiles with supplier inventory levels, lead times, inventory position and financial considerations. Once this is done, come up with a monthly box that's sure to tempt your customers every month and ensure that they stick with their plan of paying the monthly fee. 
Packaging and Order Fulfillment
Packaging and Order Fulfillment: 
Smart retailers pay extra attention to packaging. It should not look like any plain eCommerce delivery. The box should be printed and branded with an inviting message on it. 

Making the customer fill the survey form or profile questionnaire only once in a while is not sufficient. Best of the subscription service companies continually request feedback and additional profile attributes to refine customer profile and use it to stock products that shoppers are counting on.

Successful on line subscription retailers focus on building scalable and automated systems so as to offer subscribers personalized shopping experience.

To cut the chase, today online retailer can be style experts for their customers by offering customized products. But to carry out this practice efficiently, they should be able to capture the data, store it and act on the information quickly and easily. Non-stoppers are not God, they too can be tempted simply by going the online subscription way.


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